Active Body Shape RF

Body Shape – RF Quadro-Polar is used for Body Contouring, Skin Lifting, Cellulite Improvement and Skin Rejuvenation. All contribute to a better look and feel of the customer.



The combination of the BRF Technology with other innovations installed in the Body Shape provide us with amazing results at an affordable price.

  • Quadro-Polar RF
    o With a large treatment area, for exact and deep layer targeting.
  • Unlimited Handpiece Usage
    o Constantly monitors the room and handpiece temp.
  • Temperature Sensors
    o For real-time continuous monitoring of the skin’s temperature with no need to stop every few seconds and measure it manually.
  • Fast Treatments
  • Bi-Polar RF
    o For small delicate or facial treatment areas.
  • Regulated
    o That enables the customer to stop the treatment in cases of discomfort.