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TOSKANI Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin with powerful antioxidant and antiradical qualities. Very fragile in solution, it is destroyed on contact with air, light or heat and it is a molecule capable of counteracting the harmful effects of oxidants such as free radicals. At TOSKANI Cosmetics, we use the L-form which is the one that presents vitamin activity. Vitamin C acts as an enzyme cofactor involved in physiological reactions such as hydroxylation, hence its potent antioxidant and antiradical qualities. It is also involved in the synthesis of collagen and connective tissues to prevent ageing skin. Due to its antityrosinase activity, it also inhibits the effect of melanogenesis, preventing the formation of melasma in the skin.

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  • Chrono-ageing
  • Photo-ageing
  • Acne related disorders
  • Oxidative stress and tissue asphyxia

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