Innovation Collagen Supplement with HA

May be used to get smoother, regenerated and nourished skin.

    • Skin rejuvenation (Anti-aging)
    • Strengthening nails & hair
    • Firming of the skin
    • Anti-stress
    • Delicious tasting
    • Stimulant Free
    • All Natural
    • Calorie free

Serving: 1 tbsp.  (1-2 x daily) | 225 ml

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Key Ingredients & Benefits

Collagen: The protein found in our body at the largest quantity and ensures the firmness and flexibility of our skin. Collagen has many health benefits for our bones and organs.

Hyaluronic Acid: 
Gelatinous substance that fills the space between the collagen and elastin fibers. It has powerful anti-ageing and moisturizing effects.

Vitamin B5: It helps produce energy by breaking down fats and carbohydrates.

Vitamin B6: Anti-Stress

Vitamin C: Helps Boosts immunity and antioxidant levels

Biotin: Improve the health of your skin & supports your metabolism

Green Coffee Bean Extract (choloragenic acid 50%): Aids in the breakdown of fatty acids and helps metabolize carbohydrates