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Active Body Shape RF


Body Shape – RF Quadro-Polar is used for Body Contouring, Skin Lifting, Cellulite Improvement and Skin Rejuvenation. All contribute to a better look and feel of the customer.

Active Extra 818


Dual Cooling System

    • Deep cooling, touch operated – Painless treatments.

Facial Treatments

  • No pain and patient discomfort.

Hair Removal

  • Excellent with working also on very dark skin and deep hair

Fast ROI

  • Affordable – No Hidden Running Costs No consumables, low maintenance requirements.

Easy To Operate

  • Intuitive touch screen control.

Man and Woman

  • Suitable for all Skin Types & Colors, amazing Results.


Hair Removal + Facial Treatment

The Extra – 818, based on Active’s GEM-PL technology, sets a specific Pulse Pattern according to the selected treatment type, skin color, skin photosensitivity and treatment depth.

Active Spirit- 918 Sheer Laser


The Innovative hair removal diode laser machine, Spirit-918 is the first product utilizing the ACS-Laser method, a unique treatment protocol, offering a breakthrough in hair removal safely and efficiently.

Aesthetic Facial Sponges (Pack of 10)


The sponge is one of accessories easy to use professional makeup or to remove facial masks. Pack of 10.

Diameter : 7.2 cm
Thickness: 0.7 cm

AG Cocktail


5 x 10 ml Vial

TOSKANI Antiageing Cocktail offers multiple anti-ageing benefits and powerful moisturising and skin rejuvenation effects. Made from five carefully blended ingredients, the Antiageing Cocktail is designed to work in combination to reduce lines and wrinkles, boost collagen production, minimise age spots and firm the skin. Known for its anti-ageing benefits, hyaluronic acid is combined with Carnitine and DMAE, as well as Pyruvate and Argireline to create a powerful cocktail to tackle flaccidity and ageing skin.

Ampoule Vitaflash


5 x 2 ml

TOSKANI Vitaflash is an immediate action intensive treatment for dull skins that need a flash effect on special occasions. Formulated with collagen, elastin, vegetable tensor and vitamin C, it provides an immediate lifting effect, unifying the texture and luminosity in the skin.

Aquabalance Cream


50 ml

Meet the TOSKANI Aquabalance Cream. As part of the newly introduced (re)EVOLUTION cosmetics line, this cream is perfect for maintaining the skin’s optimum levels of hydration. Natural Moisturising Factor hydrates skin while vitamin complex AF and extract of Mimosa Tenuiflora increase regeneration and protection of the skin. Enriched with antioxidant vitamin E, this cream provides non-stop hydration and immediately softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aquabalance Mesoserum


30 ml

The TOSKANI Aquabalance Mesoserum is an advanced serum formulated to treat dehydrated skin and prevent the first signs of ageing. TOSKANI Aquabalance Mesoserum has a high concentration of active ingredients that have a fast and deep effect and it’s an intensive hydrating serum that delivers deep hydration with prolonged effect. Its advanced combination of hyaluronic acids (medium and low molecular weight) helps to increase moisture for deep hydration, necessary to support skin’s elasticity. This advanced serum also contains Proteoglycans and Vitamin C that retain moisture and provide antioxidant action.



5 x 5ml Vial

TOSKANI Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin with powerful antioxidant and antiradical qualities. Very fragile in solution, it is destroyed on contact with air, light or heat and it is a molecule capable of counteracting the harmful effects of oxidants such as free radicals. At TOSKANI Cosmetics, we use the L-form which is the one that presents vitamin activity. Vitamin C acts as an enzyme cofactor involved in physiological reactions such as hydroxylation, hence its potent antioxidant and antiradical qualities. It is also involved in the synthesis of collagen and connective tissues to prevent ageing skin. Due to its antityrosinase activity, it also inhibits the effect of melanogenesis, preventing the formation of melasma in the skin.

Bamboo Hydratonic


200 ml

The TOSKANI Bamboo Hydratonic is an oil-free lotion that replenishes skin and cleanses thoroughly removing any traces of dirt and makeup. This fresh-scented toner revitalises and hydrates skin for a totally clarified and refreshed feeling. It combines a high concentration of botanical extracts such as Bamboo, Lemon and Orange, which are a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids. This lotion provides a soft peeling effect, clearing dead cells and boosting cell turnover and prepares skin to absorb serums and moisturisers more efficiently.

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Body Wrap


Thin, soft and durable.

Bag design for full body coverage.

200 Sheets | 64 x 84

Image Coming Soon

Brush (Fan)


Ideal for applying facial and body treatments where a stiffer fan brush may be required. Brush applicator reduces product waste and increases control of the treatment versus a cotton or stick applicator.

This brush can also be used to fan away excess product like eye makeup fallout, without leaving smudges in its wake.

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